a guide to maintain limestone fireplaces

Limestone is very durable and very good choice of a fireplace!

However, the limestone is relatively soft and porous enough so that it does not require a host of benefits to prevent stains and dirty marks spoiling the surface – especially in the new limestone fireplace!

some important points for first time buyers!

limestone fireplace to be chemically sealed a good quality sealant. The improved packing material does not change the color of the limestone to any extent, but prevents light from penetrating into the stone possible spots. The fireplace must either seal the fireplace for you (probably additional cost) or a can of liquid sealant to the surface paint yourself (probably at an additional cost) supplier. These sealants do not use it costs about £ 20 or more you have, so if you see a lot less, because it might not be good enough and it's darker color of the limestone fireplace!

If there is a limestone fireplace, it should be closed twice. The first layer is allowed to completely dry, and then add the second. Make sure not to plug too much, as this may cause changes to the surface when wet!

may have to repeat the entire closing process after about six months or a year, especially if the fireplace with solid fuel. Subsequently, a limestone fireplace is probably no need for additional chemical sealing.

Cleaning limestone fireplaces

The best way to clean the dirty marks on the limestone fireplace simply to use a clean cotton cloth very dilute detergent. Do not soak the stone though!

If the coffee or wine, etc., pour onto the surface of the limestone fireplaces do not panic, just clean it thoroughly moistened cloth, and everything should be fine.

many things to do:

  1. Never use wax or spray polishes a limestone fireplace, as these products can darken the surface of the limestone, and create patches.
  2. Do not use a kitchen or bathroom cleaners, as they may also react with the limestone surface.
  3. Never let a cigarette can be a stone surface, the heat can cause brown scar.
  4. Never stand directly on the limestone vase of flowers on the surface, as a result of this constant ring signal!
  5. Never stand of red wine, tea or coffee, etc., can lead directly to a limestone fireplace and ring signals -stains!
  6. Never stand directly in coal or log fire in the area – can result in damage and stains!
  7. Never plaster down, or a limestone fireplace – the stone picks up the color of the plaster.

The above list " do this " limestone, can also be found here a Money Saving Expert Forum, as I posted it there before the first instance I write this article!

Real Fire, limestone fireplaces and caused cracks in the heat! important to be aware that the limestone is excellent in the heat of a real fire!

part of the limestone fireplace, which is close to the real fire can become extremely hot, while the edge of the fireplace can remain relatively cool. Since the right time, limestone fireplace, is almost guaranteed to be excellent!

There are things you can do to solve this kind of problem … One of the most common, is that a cut limestone fireplace / sectioned and re-sealed with the use of real fire! To

achieve this, the fire has cut the number of sections, and then re-connected to the … These are connected to operate compensators. In addition, the fireplace is usually supported by a high temperature cement, extra protection!

The joints in the fireplace now prevent the spreading of stress on the surface, thus preventing cracking of the fire – the heat plates could also be used to help protect the limestone by heat and scratches.

Source by Buck Richards

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