Why do not use Google Translate

Google Translate is a wonderful thing!

This is an incredible tool that can be used free for everyone and for all. When not in use, you can start!

Whether you are a traveler in another country or in a hotel in Thailand want to commit the guests ate … This is a life-line when trying to communicate with people who use different languages.

The question is – it is not as accurate as should be!

Take this quick example …

"I like Google Translate, but this is simply not accurate enough for me. This lack of human page translation that is more personal and precise when it comes to grammar and syntax the same as Google, do a little better "

step 1 -.! put this phrase on Google

If you type the phrase above the tool and translate thai to get the translation. Unfortunately I can not show you the translation of this article, because the characters, but give it a try and you will see!

The translation does not mean anything to me, but I'm guessing it's a perfect translation …

Step 2 – to translate this Angol

get …

"I like Google translate, but it was not enough for me, it lacks the human side of the translation himself. and yet, when it comes to grammar and syntactic Google is not a bit better "

See … so close to the truth, but not perfect! Put them in a row, and you can see the difference.


"I like Google Translate, but this is simply accurate to me is not enough. It lacks the human side of the translation that is more personal and precise when it comes to grammar and syntax. Come on Google, do a little bit better! "


" I like Google Translate, but it was not enough for me, it lacks the human side of the translation himself. and even when the grammar and syntax of Google is not a bit better! "


So you can see that this is incredible translate words, but it still needs proof reading!

we recommend that anyone from another country who wants to be paid to the English language to do it in two ways:

  1. A simple Google translations, but then had a run concealer or English native speakers and ask them to make sure it reads correctly
  2. Use the whole service is at your disposal – whether it is online, or someone you know

This is so important that the translations are perfect!

Source by Tom Spence

Life in Portugal: Portuguese traditional wedding gifts

Portuguese amazing weddings is expected that a number of courses of meat, seafood, desserts and delicious drinks. If you were invited to a wedding in Portugal, you have to find the right gift. The newlywed couple will get to enjoy a gift that represents the country's traditional wedding customs. The cash hand-embroidered linens and tableware, you have plenty of options.

Portuguese traditional wedding gifts will help the newlywed couple start a home together. Here are a few gift ideas to help you out:


These products are usually cut most wedding registries. Make sure you order the Portuguese regionally handmade items. Many shops sell the 15th and 17th century reproductions made of natural clay. Handmade ceramic dinnerware is a family tradition in Portugal. This European country famous for its pottery and exquisite tile work. The honeymoon affiliated happy to receive a classic timeless shapes designed for deep plates, dessert bowls for everyday use and stoneware tea cup set is decorated with unique hand-crafted details.


These beautiful pieces of ceramic utensils made of traditional Portuguese cooking methods. Terracotta roasting pans, ceramic dishes, and meat are widely used in Portuguese cuisine. These items of all shapes and styles. If you are looking for a traditional Portuguese wedding gift, consider buying a Cataplana. This piece of kitchen two metal shells shells that clamp together. The Portuguese cataplanas users to enhance the flavors of the seafood.


Money is one of the most popular wedding dance traditions in Portugal. Male guests pay for the dance of the bride, while the female guests paying groom dancing. The bride among the guests at the show to raise money, which will help the newlywed couple will cover the wedding expenses, pay for their honeymoon, and even buy a house of their own. If you have not yet found a wedding present, they can simply offering money to help the young to start their life together.

Portuguese embroidery

Portuguese embroidered tablecloths and tray cloths also an excellent wedding gift. This country is famous for its beautiful embroidery. Most items are characterized by beauty and simplicity, which is a unique detail and traditional designs. If you are going to buy a wedding gift, consider buying a traditional linen tablecloth, love scarves, embroidered carpet, cloth, or a tray of traditional motifs such as blackberries, flowers, and leaves. A series of hand-embroidered table linens Portuguese will surely be cherished.

Source by Larissa Vinci

Should you learn French or Portuguese?

If you learn French or Portuguese? Which language is more useful? The French and Portuguese similar? This article will answer these questions.


Both the French and Portuguese are Romance languages, so they are similar because they share the same roots. Portuguese French many words are similar to, and vice versa. Unfortunately, the pronunciation is different. Grammar rules are very similar. If you speak French, it should be relatively easy to learn Portuguese and vice versa.


Both the French and the Portuguese, the popular language, but French popular. It is the official language of 29 countries, including France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Haiti and several African countries.

Portugal spoken in Portugal and Brazil, which has about 190 million inhabitants (in France only 65 million inhabitants). The Portuguese language is the official language in countries such as Cape Verde, East Timor, Angola and Mozambique. Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Being able to speak Brazilian Portuguese greatly improve the competitiveness of the labor market. On the other hand, France and Canada have well-developed countries and if you know French, much more job opportunities for you.

regional differences

Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese is different. France is no different in different countries, but there are also some regional differences. If you can double standard, it is understood everywhere. If you are Brazilian Portuguese, it may be a little more difficult for you to communicate with Portugal and vice versa.


Both the French and the Portuguese is not that hard to learn English speakers. However, the French are considered harder to Portuguese, because there are a lot of irregularities in spelling and grammar. On the other hand, if you know English, you already understand French words, because there are many words in the English language is French in origin.

If you want to make the right decision, taking into account the location or travel plans. For example, if you live in Canada, it's definitely better to learn French. If you want to move or travel to Brazil, Portuguese is essential.

In the end, you can always try both languages, and find out which one you like better. Good luck and have fun while learning!

Source by John Doey